Current Production

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On this page, you will find information on the current or upcoming RHS production.


Footloose Rehearsal Schedule.docx.pdf


Footloose MUSICAL AUDITION FORM.docx.pdf

Audition Form:

Please have complete and signed by the day of your audition.



Please have all three readings memorized by the day of your audition.

Audition SignUp:

Please sign up for an audition day!

Footloose Characters.pdf

Character Descriptions:

Not sure who's who? Look here!

Audition Song Choices

Alto Audition - Can You Find it in Your Heart

Can You Find it in Your Heart.pdf

Soprano Audition - Let's Hear It for the Boy (Measure 10-36)

Let's Hear It for the Boy.pdf

Tenor Audition - I Can't Stand Still (Ren Measure 20-56. The karaoke track starts at the beginning and the singer enters after 4 measures of rest. Measure 20 is at about 39 seconds)

I Can't Stand Still.pdf

Baritone Audition - Mama Says (Sing Willards Part from measure 2 through 29)

Mama Says.pdf